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Have you heard of network marketing?

Now I'm not talking about *just* joining a MLM company to sell products to your friends. I'm talking about Network Marketing as a profession, with strategy, goals and, good commissions. 

Well this is how it works. Most people think that joining an MLM company will make them money just by the act of joining and tell a couple of friends. The fact is that 97% people fail. (you can google it)

However, there's a specific strategy to overcome this. That is, learning how to work on your skills to grow your network in an intelligent way. You see, by doing this, you don't have to rely on your immediate network. You can have a CONSTANT flow of leads. 

You must learn about prospecting, conversions and expand your personal development skills. Leadership, being an Authority, etc. 

Why do you have to learn how to be an authority? Well, because once you have the lead (person you are going to recruit or sell your products to) what are you going to tell them? You want to sound desperate or you want to HELP the person? Everything has to do with tonality. 

There are tools we apply in the sales process. Have you heard of The Wolf of Wallstreet? If not, make you block an spot in your agenda to watch this movie at some point. It's based on Jordan Belfort true story, a stock options proficient seller. The guy made millions and had a life of drugs and excesses, which is not good because he ended up destroyed. Thing is, after his recovery, he made this Conferences and trainings to explain their techniques. The training is called Straight line of persuasion and works wonders for Network Marketing cold calling and live prospecting. You see, it's mandatory to find the best training you can put your hands on, to learn from the best on planet earth and grow your business. 

The Good News is that you DONT HAVE TO DOT IT ALONE. And this is the great thing about network marketing. The people that recruits you MUST teach you how to do it. Problem is, that 99.9% of network marketers out there, does not know how to do it. 

A great MLM team, comes with a perfect training in the package. Because your success is your Team's success. 

I have 3 openings to personally train people who wants to do this right. 

Drop me an email FAST if you want one spot.

This article was published on 07.04.2016 by Rodolfo Navarro
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